We have re-branded BizChatBox to ZupportDesk.
Please visit our new product page at www.zupportdesk.com

Multi Channel HelpDesk

Online Businesses can set up customer support, capture feedback and gain business insights using powerful tools that are easy to integrate and can be set up in mere minutes. Gain your competitive advantage today.

  • 100% Free
  • Unlimited Operators/Agents
  • Live Chat Widget
  • Feedback Widget
  • Powerful Ticket System
  • Integrations
  • Mobile Apps
  • Reports
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We make Your Customers Happier!

How do you provide Customer Support?

Are your customers are frustrated without any online assistance?Is there is no way to collect feedback from your customers about your product or service?


Do you have too many emails, calls, issues or tasks to handle? Is there is no way to prioritize and organize your customer support center?

Live Chat Software

We unlock opportunities for online businesses to interact with website visitors almost as if it is in a physical store.

Feedback Tool

Facilitate your customers with a feedback tool that captures valuable feedback such as bugs, complaints, ideas or other issues about your product or service via your web site.

Ticket System

Having trouble managing emails? Every request sent to your support email becomes a ticket in your HelpDesk. Easily categorize and prioritize tickets and assign them to the right person in your team.


BizChatBox provides intelligent reports to track multiple elements, allowing you to fine tuneyour operations and provide optimal customer support.

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